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Portland, OR

old fashioned design. draw, paint, sculpt, paint some more, repeat, and smile


SFWEPA group art show at DesignerCon

bwana spoons

sfwepa flyerfinal webz.jpg

Ok. Time to make this show public. Thanks to the fantastic Kelly Allen for the image.

Several Fantastic Ways to Enjoy the Pre-Apocalypse is a group art show with megaload of radical artists taking on this theme.

Please share this post on your social media avenues, websites, old fashion bloggers, Los Angeles friends, and peoples you think might be in attendance at DCON this year. You can use #sfwepa to help unite us as a powerful art cluster:)

Here's a map of the Designercon floor. We have a nice endcap generously donated to us by DesignerCon. Find us at booth 2449. The name of the space, if anyone forgets where we are is SFWEPA Group Show
We will have a special treat at this event. Daniel Rolnik, our show ambassador, will be bringing a nice load of pieces from the folks at Portland Arts & Learning Studio. An art studio and gallery space for adults experiencing intellectual and developmental disabilities. people come here during the day and work out some pretty fantastic art. And now thousands of people outside of Portland will get to see it.

Hello Los Angeles

bwana spoons

sfwepa flyer solo02web.jpg

Hope to see you this Saturday.

Several Fantastic Ways to Enjoy the Pre-Apocalypse

Paintings, toys, and sculptures by Bwana Spoons

Opening Reception- Saturday October 20th 6-10pm

At- Faceguts 

4136 1/2 Verdugo Rd, Los Angeles California

This show runs for just shy of one week as all october Faceguts is hosting  a new show every Saturday night. FUN!!!

What's this all about?

I had this kind of revelation not too long ago, that I sometimes wear the “Cone Of Indifference”. A sort of fog where none of the creepy weird shit that is going down in this world phases me. Just put my head down, paint my toys, watch some netflix, and eat a cookie.

I am making a conscious effort to occasionally remove the cone, and give a shit, at least a little bit. Maybe you never even put this cone on, your eyes are open, and you are taking daily actions or maybe you are just like me, decently informed and slightly numb.

For Several Fantastic Ways To Enjoy The Pre- Apocalypse, I’m going to explore the idea of the “Cone Of Indifference”. And include my "normal" array of rainbow powered toys, paintings, and sculptures.

There is will be a new stack of prints., and if we are lucky, a run of tenugui (japanese towel/hanky) depicting our moon as it leaves this Earth.

Working On A Sunday

bwana spoons


There is just something different about working on a Sunday. I don't mean plowing through emails, or any of the other odds and ends that comes daily with my work. But actually doing some creative shinanigans. I feel like I'm cheating, or really not actually doing work... which when I'm not answering emails or any of the other dailies that come with this job, is austentively (spell check on aisle two) really not work as it's what i love to do. I love to make things, sculpting, and painting, and carving, and sticking things together, and cutting shapes out. where am I going here, sidetracked. Oh... working on a Sunday, painting and having funs. Feels like vacation time, and getting good things done. It's my happytime.


This is the first and middle stages of a big watercolor/gouache piece I'm working on for the High Fructose mushroom show this october in Oakland. All week I have been trying to figure out what and which type of thing i would do... Sculpture or painting or bucket of toys, My first instinct was to paint, and after sculpting a bit I think I'm back at this painting thing for this show.

I've been obsessed with the idea of pre-apocalypse and the "Cone Of Indifference" (we can talk about this and my October show at FaceGuts more soon). So this painting is a little slimer enjoying a nice warm day on forest island shielding itself from the stingy rains, while the last orca swims by leisurely, just another fine day in the pre-apocalypse:)