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Portland, OR

old fashioned design. draw, paint, sculpt, paint some more, repeat, and smile


40 miles or bust

bwana spoons


Last Night we finally got just a bit of rain. Mostly a solid Drizzle, but some real drops too that left the street wet for a bit. Everything smelled so delicious this morning. The sun was poking around below some clouds. I think it inspired me, cause I finally went for it this morning, and did the Springwater 40 mile loop. The most I have ridden in the past is just a few rides, most this year 20-24. So I think I shattered that old record.  The Springwater trail is an easy peasy paved trail that runs back and forth over Johnson Creek. Going east it has a very slight incline. Maybe 2% at the most. Just enough once in a while to make you wonder if your riding up or not. 


I got to see this sign this morning. End of the line for me. This where most folks turn around too. Nice little park, with good seating, and a nice bathroom. It took me 4 hours including some snack breaks. Banana, and some left over pancakes and sausage, and one quick stop to grab a few blackberries, which are fah-lipping perfect right now. Whole trip was about 42ish miles. guess I'm going about 10 an hour:) I'm pretty slow eh.

Wildlife. Nothing too crazy. I saw two wild kitties One grey, and one long haired blondie that before he saw me coming looked like he was in mid mental fight with some ghost or demon. his face fully contorted. Two ducks and a couple squirrels out in front of somebodies house before I got to the trail, 7 banana slugs, one big old goat, some cows, a chipmunk, and a peacock.

Bikers. I saw 36 bikers by the time I was ready to start my roll back from Boring, and another 116 on the way home. i could subtract about 20 repeat riders, that I probably saw going both ways:) people in general were pretty friendly. I'm a "Howdy" and a "Mornin'" kinda guy. It's about 60/40 in favor of the friendlies. With the highest percentage of non friendlies roadies. I'm not saying all spandexy carbonfiber racer peeps are not freindly, you just had the highest percentage of folks that couldn't be bothered, including one who actually gave me the "tsss" sound with a quick eyeroll. Not quite sure what his deal was. Maybe I look like somebody who lives out on the Springwater to him. If that was the case, even worse. We have a LOT of homeless folks in the Portland area. they are just doing their best. trying to survive out there, while it's a playground for the rest of us. least we can do is show them a little dignity. Anywhoo. It's all just speculation.

My bike, sort of an all purpose commuter made by Stop Cycles. A company that never was. I believe it was a local downhill bike company (The name escapes me) that planned a series of more people friendly rides. So this one and the others out there were sales and showroom/bikeshow bikes. Not sure if they were made overseas or locally, or how many were made. This was originally set up as a 29er. But i bought this a few years off craigslist and it already had the pink velo 26". I had the Alfine 8 installed in the back. My rides earlier this year all had some sort of issue. My bike literally shedding it's old parts. two broken fenders, a broken front rack, and slipped chain from the back wheel slipping around in the drop outs. Now, as i have been paying more attention to my bike, things have gotten smoother, and i have had no mechanicals on any of my recent rides. Knock on wood:) 

I think if I'm going to start taking more, longer rides. I want something with a few more gears, and wider, bigger wheelset. just a tiny bit more cush when i hit bumps, and something I can take up a fireroad or two, and still tour with if I want. Maybe an All-City Space Horse, Or a Black Mountain Monster Cross. alwasy with the "Hunt and Gather". i can't help but obsess over whatever i get into.


Snack break at the dump.

Comments are open, so feel free to share your thoughts. Maybe a good swiss army knife of a bike suggestion:)