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Portland, OR

old fashioned design. draw, paint, sculpt, paint some more, repeat, and smile


Furry FUN raiser

bwana spoons

Hello friends and family,

I want to paint portraits of your fur babies!

A year and a half ago, the Spoons family adopted a soulful pitbull puppy. She was shy and cute, cuddly, and very lovey. I have lived with dogs my whole life, and have not had the honor of being around a more empathic, and sweet-hearted girl. She loves snuggling under a blanket, giving kisses, and playing tug. She did have a very rough young puppyhood, though, and has some issues. Olive is afraid of anything new: handbags, post-its, anything metal or shiny, new people, small children, weird sounds…the list goes on. With training and love her anxieties were being managed. She also has some particularly dramatic physical ailments as well. She often barfs out any type of medicine or herb, has allergic skin eruptions, and (for the big bonus round, back in August) she snapped an ACL basically just running across a field. Now she mostly uses one of her back legs as a rudder. No more jolly bike or skateboard rides to get out those young doggy yayas and release anxiety. She has been semi-confined to try to heal it, with no success. We can see that she is in pain, although she doesn't ever yelp or cry out. We think the pain is putting much stress on her and exacerbating her other issues as well, making her skin worse and making her more reactive to her world.

In order for her to be happy and calm, she needs to get the ACL repaired surgically. She is too young to not run, and too young to live with chronic pain. I can hear her little bones clicking and clacking together anytime she walks. It's just that she is a very high risk pup for anesthesia. You know that thing about barfing meds? When she was spayed as a puppy, her sister technically died on the operating table. Olive was going the same direction when the vet used CPR and epinephrine to bring them both back. The risk of her being chronically in pain, wound up and unhappy outweighs the anesthesia risk. So... with your help and the help of Born Again Pit Bull Rescue, we are going to get her the ACL surgery she needs. The cost of this, however, even with the rescue’s help, is very high. 

I'd like to paint your furry, bald, feathered, or scaly loved one this holiday season. I can set you up with the perfect gift for your animal loving friends... or treat yourself and get a portrait of your own buddy. I’m also offering prints of our own Olive Momo Spoons with her sleepy, crooked, sweet face.  


Hit me up at rainbowmaster at and we can work out the details. Anything from a 5"x7" (about $100) to a full wall mural is an option. This will be on a first come, first served basis, especially before the holidays. Advance notice is necessary. 

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this!
If this just isn’t your thing, you can still help out by sharing this/ forwarding to the animal lovers in your life.

Bwana, Olive Momo and family.

Here's a pic of the print up in the shop now.

Here's a pic of the print up in the shop now.