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Portland, OR

old fashioned design. draw, paint, sculpt, paint some more, repeat, and smile


Kappa time this Sunday at Faceguts Los Angeles

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Thee second half of my worldwin Leftcoast mini tour is almost upon us. We had a blast last Sunday in San Francisco at the world famous Zombie Garage. Now it's time for some more Slow Your Roll action at Faceguts. This Sunday September 24th. From 12:01 - 1pm will be an extensive 3 minute talk on the biology and folklore of the Kappa. After the exhaustive Kappa lecture we will all sit around and draw Kappas after a quick tutorial. Then at 1:01pm till 6pm, the floodgates open for sales and together time, and some beertime. Myself, Liverad Studios, and friends will have a small motherload of exclusive toys, prints, tees, pins, prints, and original art. Come play with us Los Angeles. Faceguts is located at 4136 and a half Verdugo Rd. Los Angeles California 90065 Folks who attended the recent Gravy Open Studio in Portland, and Zombie Garage in San Francisco can testify to a good time had by all.

What is required? If you come at noon. A sketchbook and some pens and a pencil would be a great idea. But if you forget I'm sure we will have you covered. After 1pm it's just you and your 17 friends you bring thru the doors.

Who can come? Bring your kids and you grandma. They are both invited ,as well as you.

Do I need to RSVP. Nope. But i would love to see some "I'm in. Who's coming to this with me?" posts on FB and the instagrammies. Esp for the Kappa Class, just so i get a sense of who all will be there. It's a tiny space and you may be sittin' on the floor:)

What does it cost? Nothin'.  The Kappa workshop is free. Just bring your good vibes. If you are planning to buy some goodies. Cash is great, and I always happily take Paypal.

I can't wait to see you this Sunday.