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Portland, OR

old fashioned design. draw, paint, sculpt, paint some more, repeat, and smile


Killer with guts stickers and a new tapir is coming.

bwana spoons

Killer with guts stickers are here! I recommend the 5 pack. better deal for you eh. Really happy with how these guys turned out. Stick him to anything. Killer is Die-cut, & the vinyl is clear too so he blends in with any environment.

New yellow and brown marbled vinyl tapir will be available this friday at 11am pacific. I can't wait to see him It's still a mystery to me how he turned out as he is still in transit from Japan at this moment.

Here's the art i did for the Tapir print. Yum.

Here's the art i did for the Tapir print. Yum.

Head to the shop section now and scroll down and across for those new Killer stickers.