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Portland, OR

old fashioned design. draw, paint, sculpt, paint some more, repeat, and smile


Working On A Sunday

bwana spoons


There is just something different about working on a Sunday. I don't mean plowing through emails, or any of the other odds and ends that comes daily with my work. But actually doing some creative shinanigans. I feel like I'm cheating, or really not actually doing work... which when I'm not answering emails or any of the other dailies that come with this job, is austentively (spell check on aisle two) really not work as it's what i love to do. I love to make things, sculpting, and painting, and carving, and sticking things together, and cutting shapes out. where am I going here, sidetracked. Oh... working on a Sunday, painting and having funs. Feels like vacation time, and getting good things done. It's my happytime.


This is the first and middle stages of a big watercolor/gouache piece I'm working on for the High Fructose mushroom show this october in Oakland. All week I have been trying to figure out what and which type of thing i would do... Sculpture or painting or bucket of toys, My first instinct was to paint, and after sculpting a bit I think I'm back at this painting thing for this show.

I've been obsessed with the idea of pre-apocalypse and the "Cone Of Indifference" (we can talk about this and my October show at FaceGuts more soon). So this painting is a little slimer enjoying a nice warm day on forest island shielding itself from the stingy rains, while the last orca swims by leisurely, just another fine day in the pre-apocalypse:)